Automation Test Robot for UiPath

Getting Started

Configure src/config/config.xlsx

Configure all settings in the “Settings” sheet of config.xlsx before running the robot.

  1. TestCaseFolderPath: set a folder of your test cases files (default: C:\AutomationTestRobot\TestCase)
  2. WorkingFolderPath: set a folder for the AutomationTestRobot creating its own temp files (default: C:\AutomationTestRobot\Working)
  3. TestResultFolderPath: set a folder to save test result files (default: C:\AutomationTestRobot\TestResult)
  4. GeneratedTestCaseFolderPath: set a folder for the AutomationTestRobot to save generated test cases template files (default: C:\AutomationTestRobot\GeneratedTestCase)
  5. ErrorScreenshotFolderPath: set a folder for the AutomationTestRobot to save screenshot when it caught unexpected exception (default: C:\AutomationTestRobot\Error)
  6. LogFolderPath: set a folder for the AutomationTestRobot to log its own log information (default: C:\AutomationTestRobot\Logs)
  7. Unattended: choose your “Unattended mode” or “Attended mode”. if FALSE, the AutomationTestRobot runs in attended mode, which shows popup for you to choose which sub-robot to run. Otherwise, TRUE, the AutomationTestRobot runs the Sub-Robot1.
  • Sub-Robot 1: Execute all your test cases
  • Sub-Robot 2: Execute just one test case (you pickup later)
  • Sub-Robot 3: Generate test cases template by scanning a UiPath codes folder (you pickup later)
  1. ShowInformationForm: In Unattended mode, this is always FALSE. In attended mode, if ShowInformationForm is TRUE, the AutomationTestRobot will show a WinForm to show current status (for reference)

Try sample test cases in test_cases_sample/

  1. Edit the “Settings” sheet of each .xlsx test case file and set B2 value to the actual .xaml file path at your local PC.
  2. Put those test cases at the folder you set in “TestCaseFolderPath” in src/config/config.xlsx
  3. Run the robot, choose Sub-Robot 1
  4. Check the folder “TestResultFolderPath” to see tested result.
  5. Check the folder “LogFolderPath” to see test log.

Test your own workflow .xaml files

  1. Set “Unattended” = FALSE in src/config/config.xlsx, then run the robot, choose Sub-Robot 3 and select your workflow folder.
  2. Next, edit the generated test case files at “GeneratedTestCaseFolderPath” (generated in the first step above), input your test data.
  3. Next, set name for each test case by editing the sheet names. Note: each sheet name, except Settings, will be the name of the test case. Please set only windows-file-name-compatible name for avoiding any unexpected error (for safer, set only characters in [a-zA-Z0-9-_]).
  4. Next Move completed test case files to the folder “TestCaseFolderPath”, then close all excel windows
  5. Then, run the robot, choose Sub-Robot 1 (or 2), have a coffee, and see your tested result.

Build your own CICD environment

Just set Unattended=TRUE in src/config/config.xlsx, publish it as a robot, schedule the automation test, and manage the TestResult.xlsx and TestLog files in your own productive way.

Have fun

Customize the robot with your own needs and share it with the community.